1.General Quality Guidelines

There are many providers of online courses but the quality varies immensely.

We at ADSC Global clearly state course version suitability for our learners and break down by country / region suitability.

We have designed our courses with a global certification framework and approach. For most courses we have a Worldwide (excluding USA/Canada) version, a United Kingdom version (UK) and a Republic of Ireland version. 

The Worldwide version does not focus on one countries set of legislation but focuses on a general global standard / guidance. This version can generally be used throughout the world including the UK and Ireland where we have no specific version available for that country. 

This approach to date is unique in the industry and we have sought expert opinion and examined optimum intended compliance.

Many of our clients have complained about previously using a provider assuming that the courses comply with their national legislation or international best practice when in fact they do not. They are in some cases a reseller and the marketing appears to suggest the courses are local when in fact they list another countries specific legislation. This is a common problem with online course throughout the world.

We are not a reseller, unlike the vast majority of other providers. We create and design our own content.                         

Our content is not video based and therefore will not play endlessly like a film / movie. These are compliance issues with this type of e-learning as it becomes more like a lecture. Our online courses are highly interactive and will not progress without active user engagement throughout.  Our content cannot be skipped or left to any play for any substantial period.

We have quality measures in place that take time, for example many providers allow users to retake a course assessment endlessly until they pass.We do not allow this and allow a maximum of two attempts per each course assessment.

Online courses are great but it is important to make sure you use a quality provider. You can be assured of that quality when choosing ADSC Global.


2.Our Global / Worldwide Certification

All ADSC Global Course Learner certificates carry recognised and respected global certification.

The European Association for Distance Learning is highly regarded both inside and outside of Europe with a global quality approach to E-learning. http://www.eadl.org

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