User Instructions

ADSC Global – User Instructions

1.For Group Manager / If you have Purchased Course(s).  

1.1 Course Enrollment /Management 

Please select the orange button "enroll users" to enroll users including yourself if required after login.

You can also enroll multiple users quickly by uploading a csv file and we have a sample csv file available.

1.2 For Accessing Course

After enrollment select the orange button “View / Start Purchased Course(s)”.

This will bring you into the Learner Management System where you can select and start your course(s).

After each lesson the "mark complete" button will need to be selected to enable you progress forward.

Please note the course assessment will need to be accessed separately after completing the main presentation.

There are 2 attempts for the course assessment if required.

The certificate will be available for download after completing the course assessment.

Notes are available in the course materials section.

2. For Learners who have been enrolled on a course by your manager,   

Refer to section 1.2 above only.

Please note the following requirements to view our courses.

  • Reliable internet access is required.
  • Audio speakers or earphones are required to listen to narration and view videos.
  • Desktop, laptop, or mobile tablet is preferable for course access.
  • We do not recommend completing our courses on a mobile phone.
  • Ensure your web browser is up to date.

We hope you enjoy your learning experience.

Can we help you with any queries?

Sales / General Enquiries: 

Technical Support: 

We hope you enjoy the ADSC Global learning experience.

The ADSC Global Team.

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Enroll users on any purchased course(s). Multiple users can be enrolled by uploading a .csv file.

Group Managers of purchased courses can view user activity & progress here.

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After enrollment, view / start your current purchased course(s).
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