Pre Purchase Queries

Who are ADSC Global?

ADSC Global is the international division of Andrew Doyle Safety Consultants Limited.
Our company registration number is 408454.
We were incorporated in 2005 and are based in the Republic of Ireland.
You can read more about us here.

How do I pay for courses?

We have a large number of convenient payment options.

You can pay via our online secure checkout which uses PayPal which offers
the following options.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer to your PayPal account (if you are a PayPal customer)

We would be also be able to facilitate a bank transfer for larger orders
if for some reason the above is not possible.

If this is your preferred method please contact us.

Is there a discount if I am buying multiple courses?

Yes we are pleased to offer a discount for multiple purchases.

Discount will automatically be applied at our online secure checkout.
The same discount can be applied If paying by bank transfer for larger orders.

  • 10+    of any course =  5% Discount.
  • 20+ of any course = 10% Discount
  • 50+    of any course =  20% Discount.
  • 100+  of any course = 30% Discount.
  • 450+  of any course = 40% Discount.
What are the requirements for completing an E-learning course?

Please note the following requirements to view our courses.

Reliable internet access is required.

Audio speakers or earphones are required to listen to narration and view videos.

Desktop, laptop, or mobile tablet is preferable for course access.

We do not recommend completing our courses on a mobile phone.

Ensure your web browser is up to date.

Can I complete the course in stages?

Yes all ADSC Global Courses will remember the last point the learner left off
so courses can be completed in stages and at the learners pace.


Am I provided with any support / revision information?

We issue notes in pdf for each course and these are available after
successfully completing the course.

Notes can be found in the course materials section.

What course version should I choose?

You should select Worldwide / International Version* if you are outside the UK and Ireland.

The Worldwide / International version of each course is based on guidance and we aim to be as accurate as possible.

Local country laws, regulations, and other appropriate statutory information takes precedence.

Some information provided in the course may differ in individual countries so it is prudent to check and verify information as appropriate.

*Please note our international courses exclude the USA and Canada.

You should select United Kingdom (UK) version if based in the UK.

You should select Republic of Ireland version if based in the Republic of Ireland.

How long are certificates valid for?

All safety training irrespective of the provider needs to be refreshed
and updated regularly to ensure compliance.

We do not place expiry dates on any certificate.

We do not place excessively short refresher dates on any of the course certificates.

We state on the certificates that they are valid for a certain period from the date of issue.

Bullying and Harassment Awareness – 3 years.

First Aid Awareness – 2 years.

Health and Safety Awareness – 3 years.

Fire Safety – 3 years.

When do I receive the certificate?

Your certificate will be issued automatically and is available immediately in the
Learner Management System after successfully completing the course.

Can I track the progress of my learners?

We offer complimentary course tracking to all users.

The course manager (normally the person who buys the courses) can enroll, manage,
delete, track users progress, send reminders to users etc...

This is very useful particularly with large numbers of staff.

Whilst most organisations will undertake the course manager role themselves,
we also have a partner company who will take on the course manager role for you if required.

They can manage and monitor your users including enrolling, checking progress, sending reminders,
providing progress reports etc..

Please contact us when purchasing the courses if you would like their details.



I have a specific question or query that is not answered here or I need to discuss something else?

We have an online ticketing system, as well as other options to help us get to your queries
as quickly as possible.

For a full list of contact us options please see our contact us page.

Tech Support Queries

I've purchased the course(s), what next, how do I start?


Upon receipt of payment you should receive an automated email welcoming you to ADSC Global and this will include instructions.

You login with your email address and password (The email and password you used when purchasing the courses.)

You login here:

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here

Once logged in, you need to enroll users on the course(s) you purchased or enroll yourself if you wish to undertake the course(s) yourself.

To do this click the enroll button, select the course(s) and follow the instructions for adding users.

The enrolled users will then receive an automated email welcoming them to ADSC Global and a full set of instructions on how to access and start the course.

If you are enrolling yourself, then after enrollment and entering your details go straight to "view / start purchased courses" where you can select your course(s) and begin your learning experience.

Where do I login?

You login using the "customer log in" located and highlighted in top right hand corner of our website.


I forgot my password?

If you go to customer login (top right hand side) there is an option to rest your password.

Where do I find instructions?

When you login, we have a "user instruction" tab which when clicked explains the process
for course managers and learners.

Our internal menu is very straight forward with clear labels for every action.

Where do I download my certificate from?

Your certificate will only become available after completing the course assessment and
will appear as a download link in the course section which has just been completed.

Where do I download the course notes from?

The course notes are available in the "lesson description and course materials section" of each course.

The course is not starting / letting me progress to the next section?


1. Users must be enrolled (follow instructions, instructions tab is located when logged in)

2. Make sure to click the lesson. All courses start with lesson 1.

Once lesson 1 is complete, the user must select the "mark complete" button to move to lesson 2
and so on.

Other Issues

Clear browser and cache.

Try in a different browser (e.g. if using Firefox, try in Chrome).

If you are still having issues please contact us and we will do everything we can to assist.

Very rarely a users computer can have an issue like a driver issue, or software issue which is
beyond our control.
In these cases we recommend trying another computer which normally resolves any issues.

I have a specific question or query that is not answered here or I need to discuss something else?

We have an online ticketing system, as well as other options to help us get to your queries
as quickly as possible.

For a full list of contact us options please see our contact us page.