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Organize Your eCourse Content


Whether you are offering a 3-week mini-course or a full-length semester class, the process of organizing your content will be the same. You will need to develop the following: Learner Outcomes (Course Goals). What do you want the learner to know or be able to do at the end of your course? Course Overview. A short written piece explaining the nature of the course and the course goals (a bit like a course description in a course catalog). The Units Of Study. This is the course broken down into logical sections with learner outcomes for each unit. Your Lesson Plans. The [...]

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Health and Safety Awareness


We at ADSC Global are delighted to offer our professional worldwide ROSPA approved Health and Safety Awareness course which was designed by an ADSC Global Subject Matter Expert who is a Chartered Health and Safety Consultant. Our online course has a full voice over narration by a TV standard broadcaster and features multiple interactive elements throughout including quizzes and engaging video demonstrations. This course is an excellent tool for both employees and managers who wish to gain health and safety awareness training for the workplace. This course is universal so suitable for all industries ranging from corporate / office environments to [...]

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